Stickers for plastic food containers


Stickers for plastic food containers

With the special stickers from Pack-Store, we offer an affordable and high-quality solution to create added value for your product. In our webshop you will find round, square and conical stickers. The latter variant is extremely suitable for covering tapered round tubs. All stickers are supplied on a roll and are (thanks to the removable adhesive) easy to stick on the products!


Order stickers for plastic food containers

Currently you can choose from three different stickers. The stickers in our range are custom made, so that the size of the sticker fits seamlessly with the shape / roundness of the tubs.


Tubs and lids

White background
Full color (CMYK)
6 sizes



Round tubs

White background
Full color (CMYK)
5 sizes



Bakjes en deksels

White background
Full color (CMYK)
5 sizes


The stickers can be ordered from 500 pieces and are provided with removable adhesive. This allows you (or your customer) to easily remove the sticker from the food container and/or lid after use, without any glue residue remaining! This provides two major advantages, namely the low-threshold reuse of the packaging and the possibility of complete recycling of the food packaging.
You don’t have to worry that the stickers will easily come off due to the removable adhesive, because that is not the case. Once the sticker is attached to the container or lid, it will stay put!

Designing the stickers

The added value of personalized food packaging is undeniable. It gives you the opportunity to professionalize the appearance of your product. You can also communicate with your customers and that is very valuable! Therefore, think carefully about the presentation of the product to get the most out of this investment!

Do you need help designing the stickers? Then take advantage of our all-in artwork deal! This deal is especially for customers who do not have the option to design the stickers themselves.

Why order from Pack-Store?

Of course we are proud of our many years of experience, knowledge and expertise! When you order from Pack-Store you also benefit from other advantages:

  • Our products meet the highest and most recent food safety standards
  • You are buying directly from the manufacturer (high quality for low prices);
  • All plastic containers are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe;
  • Our material is 100% recyclable;
  • Large stock and purchase of small and large numbers possible;
  • Ordered today before 1 p.m., is guaranteed to be shipped the same day.

Do you have questions about the stickers for plastic food containers or the Pack-Store artwork deal? Please contact customer service. We are happy to help you!

Customer service

We can be reached during office hours via chat, email and telephone

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