Fresh food market all-rounder

Fresh food market allrounder

Fresh food market all-rounder

We are your fresh food market all-rouder! In the Pack-Store webshop you will find recyclable food packaging in all shapes and sizes.
All packaging is food safe, most tubs are leak proof and have a tamper evident seal. This seal offers your customers the guarantee that the packaging has not been opened before. In addition, all our plastic packaging is 100% recyclable and suitable for freezer, microwave and dishwasher.

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Various applications

Do you sell your products on the fresh food market, a food hall or in a deli? We have the right food tub for you!

Recyclable tubs for tapas and tapenade

Surprise customers with tasty ready-to-eat snacks in handy (leak-proof!) tubs. In the webshop you will find a selection tamper evident tubs. The round and oval shapes of packaging can be closed leak-tight, so this prevents oil or other moisture from leaking from the packaging. A typical deli container is the 3-compartment tub; this is a popular model for dips and small tapas!


Recyclable tubs for nuts and dried fruits

The Pack-Store range contains various tubs for (small portions of) nuts and dried fruits. You can choose from deluxe tubs with lids, especially for nuts and dried fruits. The deluxe tubs have a square base with a round lid.
Do you prefer a tub with a handle? In the webshop you will also find buckets with a content of 565ml to 5.5L. Both the tubs and the buckets are made of 100% recyclable material and meet the highest food safety standards.

Recyclable tubs for olives

Are you looking for leak-proof tubs for your olives? Then choose a round or oval recyclable tub with a tamper evident seal.

All our oval and round tubs are 100% leak-proof and therefore ideal for packaging olives!


Recyclable tubs for cheese and deli meats

You can also contact us for suitable tubs for cheese or deli meats! Present a tasty portion of cheese or meat in a nice, representative and recyclable packaging! We produce the packaging in our own factory in The Netherlands; this way we know for sure that our products meet the highest and most recent food safety standards!

In our webshop you will also find a handy square tubs with a hinged lid.

Recyclable tubs for salads and sauces

Pack-Store also has various recyclable tubs in which you can present and/or store your salads and sauces. All tubs are suitable for use in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher. This allows the end user to, for example, store a pasta sauce in the freezer and then heat it in the same tub in the microwave. Due to the good quality of the tubs, you can easily clean the tubs in the dishwasher after use, and then (re)use them at home.


Recyclable tubs for sweets and biscuits

Choose from different types of biscuits and candy trays, for at home or on the go! The handy ‘deluxe‘ tubs fit in almost all car cup holders.

The tubs with a tamper evident seal close well. This ensures that the contents remain fresh and/or crunchy for a long time. That is very handy if you want to store your product!

Recyclable tubs for fruit and vegetables

Are you a trader in (cut) vegetables or fruit and do you want to sell these to your customers in handy portions? In our webshop you have a very wide choice of 100% recyclable food tubs ranging from 130 ml to 10.9L!

Our range includes oval, oval, rectangular and square trays with and without tamper evident closure.


Customer service

We are available during office hours via chat, email and telephone

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