Custom printed food containers

Corporate identity

Great opportunity to
interact with your customers

Premium printing

Scratch resistant, high resolution and dishwasher safe

Maximum hygiene

Resistant to bases, acids
and bacterial growth

Environmental friendly

Reusable and made from 100% recyclable material

Easily order custom printed food containers online

Get the most out of your packaging and choose recyclable food containers with your own design!

With In Mold Labeling we offer you a cost-effective and high-quality solution to create added value for your product.

In our own factory in the Netherlands we manufacture custom printed food containers for our customers. The technique we use for this is called injection molding (In Mold Labeling or IML). To create IML products, we use two ingredients: a pre-printed label and plastic granules. During the injection molding process (IML), the pre-printed label and the granules are fused into a whole in a special mold. By curing, the whole takes the shape of the injection mold.

The result: 100% recyclable tamper evident  containers with custom printing!


3 types of labels

You have the option to select from the IML labels listed below. The transparent label is perfect if you need the container contents to remain visible. Otherwise, you can choose a more economical option with a white background.

Orange Peel label

Option 1

Background: white
Finish: matt
Imprint: full color (CMYK)

Orange peel label

Glossy label

Option 2

Background: white
Finish: shiny
Imprint: full color (CMYK)

Glossy label

Transparent label

Option 3

Background: transparent
Finish: shiny
Imprint: full color (CMYK)

Transparant label IML

Minimum order quantity for IML products

The minimum order quantity for printed food containers (IML products) is 10.000 pieces. When purchasing smaller quantities, we advise you to opt for self-adhesive stickers with printing. Stickers can be ordered online from 500 pieces. Visit our online shop for the entire range.

How it’s made!

In 5 steps to the end product

1. Order

Choose the product that suits you

Visit the Pack-Store webshop and view our complete range. When making your choice, pay attention to shape, type of closure and capacity. Choose the product that suits you best and then request a quote from us.

2. Label design

Improve your product image

You can design your personalized packaging using a template. If you do not have the possibility to make this design, we can take care of this for you. After receiving the label design, the label producer converts the design file into a print file.

Before production, you will receive the print file for approval. Only after your approval is your order final.

3. Planning

Insight into the delivery time

Once the labels have been ordered, your order will be scheduled for production. With a team of professional planners and production employees, we produce approximately 450 million food containers every year. Every day we are extremely motivated to successfully complete the IML orders! On average it takes about 5 – 8 weeks to produce an IML order.

We agree the expected delivery time with you in advance.

4. Production

Rely on over 50 years of experience

After delivery and checking of the labels, the production of your scratch-resistant custom printed tamper evident tubs can begin! Our employees work in hygienic company clothing with hairnets and gloves. They pack the products directly from the machine in a sturdy box with an extra protective cover, so that no dust or dirt gets to the products.

We package your products in a food-safe way, so that they can be used immediately!

5. Delivery

Always in consultation

As soon as production is ready, your order will be checked by an employee of the QA department.
After release, your order is ready for delivery!

We will contact you to schedule the delivery.

Do you have questions about our products or the printing options? Contact us!

Customer service

We are available during office hours via chat, email and telephone

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