What is a tamper evident closure?

What is a tamper evident closure?

Containers with tamper-evident closures are equipped with a special break tab that needs to be broken to open the packaging. This ensures that the packaging cannot be opened unnoticed. This is particularly relevant for foodservice and food retail.

All round and oval containers with tamper-evident closures are 100% securely sealable. A rectangular container with a tamper-evident closure may not be 100% leak-proof. It is possible that the container may allow liquid to pass through if there is too much weight on the lid.

After breaking the tamper-evident closure, the container remains suitable for reuse. This way, you (or your customers) can reuse the container at home. The container will remain leak-proof!

Other terms for a tamper evident closure:

  • Ringlock cup
  • Tamper evident seal
  • TE-cup
  • Seal closure cup
  • Seal closure
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