Tips for a longer shelf life

Tips voor langere houdbaarheid

Tips for a longer shelf life

Oxygen promotes oxidation and thus influences the shelf life of your (fresh) product. It is therefore important to ensure that as little oxygen as possible remains in the packaging. There are various (mechanical) solutions for extracting oxygen from food packaging, but that is not for everyone. Time to share our tips for a longer shelf life!

2 practical tips

Do you manually fill your packaging? You can apply these two practical tips right away (also for home use!):


Fill the food container to just below the rim so that there is as little empty space as possible. If you are filling a container with a tamper evident seal, keep in mind that the bottom of the lid extends below the rim of the container.


Do not close the container completely, but first press the lid loosely on the container. Lift a small part of the lid to create a small opening. Then press the center of the lid with one or two fingers and let excess air flow out of the package (the lid pulls a little vacuum). Now press the lid firmly, so that the packaging is properly closed!

fill just below the rim

“A low amount of oxygen prevents oxidation and the related discoloration, odor and taste abnormalities.”

Wageningen University & Research

Tips to slow down the oxidation process

The oxidation process isn’t solely influenced by oxygen; other factors such as light, (high) temperatures, taces of metal, and enzymes also play a role. Various methods, including the use of ingredients like saturated fatty acids, can be employed to slow down this process. However, implementing these methods requires extensive testing and adjustments to your recipe.

Fortunately, controlling light and temperature is simpler. Ensure that your products are stored in a cool, dark place, and advise your customers to do the same. This simple step can ensure a longer shelf life!

Reusable (food) packaging

The Pack-Store packaging is suitable for microwave, freezer and dishwasher. This makes them ideal for reuse! Almost all products come with a tamper evident closure. This closure is intended for professional use, so that customers can see that a package has not been opened before. Once opened, the food container can be closed again so that you can reuse our containers at home many times! In the webshop you will find a complete overview of our 100% recyclable packaging.


Do you have any questions about our products? Contact customer service, we are happy to help!

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