Custom printed tamper evident containers

Maximize the potential of your packaging by choosing recyclable food containers with your unique design!

In-Mold Labeling (IML) is a cost-efficient, high-quality solutions to create added value for your product. In our Dutch facility we use injection molding technology to create food containers and lids that are 100% recyclable and feature sustainable, scratch-resistant printing. Additional information can be found at the bottom of this page!

The minimum order quantity for IML products is 10,000 pieces. For smaller quantities, you can consider printed stickers in batches of 500 pieces. The stickers can be ordered below.

Conical stickers

Price from:  0,23 / piece

Rectangular stickers

Price from:  0,27 / per piece

Round stickers

Price from:  0,23 / piece

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Corporate identity

Great opportunity to
interact with customers

Premium printing

Scratch resistant, high-res and dishwasher safe

Maximum hygiene

Resistant to bases, acids
and bacterial growth

Sustainable packaging

Reusable and made from 100% recyclable material

We produce food containers in our own factory, using a technique called injection moulding (also known as In Mould Labeling or IML). To manufacture IML products, we utilize pre-printed labels and plastic granules. During the injection molding process, the labels and granules are fused together in a special mold. As the mixture solidifies, it takes the shape of the injection mold. The outcome: recyclable containers with scratch-resistant printing!


3 types of labels

You can choose from the IML labels below. The transparent label is a great choice when you need the container's contents to be visible. If transparency isn't a requirement, you can choose a cheaper white-background label.

Orange Peel

Option 1

Background: white
Finish: matt
Imprint: full color (CMYK)

Orange peel label


Option 2

Background: white
Finish: shiny
Imprint: full color (CMYK)

Glossy label


Option 3

Background: transparent
Finish: shiny
Imprint: full color (CMYK)

Transparant label IML

How it's made!

In 5 steps to the end product

1. Order

Choose the product that suits you

Visit the Pack-Store webshop to explore our product range. When making your selection, consider the shape, closure type, and capacity. Once you've found the product that best fits your needs, feel free to request a quote from us.

2. Label design

Improve your brand

You have the option to craft your custom packaging using a provided template. In case you don't have the means to create this design yourself, we can handle it on your behalf. Once we receive the label design, our label producer will transform the design file into a printable format.

Prior to production, you will receive the print file for approval. Only after your approval is your order final.

3. Planning

Insight into the delivery time

Once the labels have been ordered, your order will be scheduled for production. With a team of professional planners and production employees, we produce approximately 450 million food containers every year. We're dedicated each day to ensuring the successful fulfillment of IML orders. On average, it takes approximately 5 to 8 weeks to complete an IML order.

We coordinate the expected delivery time with you in advance.

4. Production

Rely on over 50 years of experience

Once the labels have been delivered and inspected, the production of your scratch-resistant, custom-printed tamper-evident tubs can commence! Our employees wear hygienic company attire, including hairnets and gloves, ensuring a clean environment. The products are packed directly from the machine into sturdy boxes with an additional protective cover, preventing any dust or dirt from reaching them.

We package your products in a food-safe manner, making them ready for immediate use!

5. Delivery

Always in consultation

 Once production is complete, your order undergoes thorough inspection by a member of our Quality Assurance (QA) team.
Once released, your order is prepared for delivery!

We will get in touch with you to schedule the delivery.

Customer service

We are available during office hours via chat, email and telephone