Freezer containers

Pack-Store's freezer containers are ideal for storing meals and soups in the freezer for an extended period. Our freezer containers meet the strictest and most current food safety standards. The fact that we produce them in our own factory in Oss (The Netherlands) allows us to maintain excellent quality control!

All containers from Pack-Store are suitable for use in the freezer. However, we make a distinction in use:

  • Standard quality (PP): Made from strong, fully recyclable polypropylene (PP). While suitable for home use and professional kitchens, this quality is more susceptible to breakage at impact, making it less suitable for the distribution of frozen goods;
  • Freezer quality (RCPF): Made from the same polypropylene but with special additives to make it impact resistant. Ideal for the ice sector and supermarkets, where logistical processes and professional use of freezer packaging are essential.

The products on this page are all available in RCPF (recognizable by the FREEZER GRADE *** logo). Since products are often available in different materials, the logo sometimes only becomes visible after you have selected the correct variant.