How green is your future?

How green is your future?

How green is your future?

We are extremely proud that we were one of the first webshops in the Netherlands to sell biobased plastic tubs and lids to private individuals and SMEs.

Pack-Store specializes in 100% recyclable plastic packaging and with the addition of Biobased packaging to our range, we have taken a new step towards a greener and healthier future for all of us!


How sustainable is Biobased packaging?

Ideally, all packaging consists of 100% Biobased material, but we have noticed that the demand for 100% Biobased packaging is severely curbed by the high costs for this packaging. That is why we looked for an affordable alternative, without sacrificing the recyclability of the product. The result is a Biobased packaging made of Intopack Bio50+ plastic material. The composition of Intopack Bio50+ is based for at least 50% on bio ethanol (from residual waste from sugar cane production) supplemented with conventional plastic (based on fossil fuels). Both the renewable material (bio ethanol) and conventional plastic meet the highest and most recent requirements for optimal recycling and food safety.

Production of biobased plastic contributes to a reduction in the use of fossil raw material stocks. In addition, it makes a positive contribution to CO² reduction and a greatly increased circularity (both post-life and pre-life). You can recognize our Biobased products by the I’m green logo.

What is the difference between conventional plastic and Biobased plastic?

Conventional plastic packaging is made from polypropylene (PP), an oil-based plastic with a high break resistance. The material is temperature resistant and resistant to chemical solutions and acids, bacteria and fungi. Read more about the environmental friendliness of plastic here.

Our Biobased plastic is made from sugar cane. Sugar is extracted from sugar cane by pressing and the first, richest pressing of sugar cane is used for consumption purposes. The less rich subsequent pressing can be used for the production of bioplastic. The extracted sugar is converted into Ethanol (alcohol), from which Bio polyethylene is subsequently made. Hence the Bio polyethylene is the raw material for our Biobased plastic packaging.

With Biobased plastic we can produce the standard shapes of plastic containers and lids (oval, rectangular, round and square). Due to the use of Biobased content, the plastic containers are not 100% transparent.

Is biobased plastic recyclable?

Biobased products are easy to recycle! The post-life circularity of plastic packaging in Europe is only 37,7% (see the statistics of Eurostat). By using bio plastic, a pre-life circularity of more than 50% is added, which greatly increases the total circularity of the packaging.

It is possible to reuse Biobased plastic tubs. If it is decided to eventually throw away the Biobased plastic containers, this can simply be done via regular plastic waste processing (see also the KIDV Disposable Guide or check the article 5 tips for plastic recycling).

Interseroh Bio35+

how-green-is-your-future-interseroh-intopack-recycling-certificate-Bio 35+ printed

Interseroh Bio50+

how-green-is-your-future-interseroh-intopack-recycling-certificate-Bio 50+ printed

Interseroh Bio100

how-green-is-your-future-interseroh-intopack-recycling-certificate-Bio 100 printed

Interseroh PP

interseroh-intopack-recycling-certificate-PP Random Copolymer unprinted

Are there any similarities?

Yes there ! Biobased packaging is functionally equivalent to conventional packaging. The packaging is food safe and meets the highest and most recent requirements for migration (food safety) and organoleptics (smell and taste).

All similarities at a glance:

  • Recyclability: both materials are easy recyclable;
  • All  products are suitable for food and non-food products (reusable!);
  • Both materials are also suitable for freezer, microwave and dishwasher;
  • Tamper Evident is optional for both materials;
  • Filling is possible at high temperatures (max. 85 ° C);
  • Due to the sturdy material, the plastic containers are stackable (even when they are completely filled).

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