Custom printed food packaging

Custom printed food packaging

Custom printed food packaging

We regularly receive questions from customers who are curious about the printing process of custom printed food packaging. We are happy to tell you more about it!

About Pack Store

In our factory in Oss, Netherlands, we manufacture 100% recyclable and food-safe tubs and buckets. By handling production in-house, we maintain control over product quality and have full transparency regarding the materials used.

Our webshop offers unprinted food packaging, readily available from stock. Additionally, we offer custom-printed food packaging tailored to your specific needs. These products are specially made for you using a technique called In Mold Labeling (IML). Click here to learn more about IML.

Custom printed food packaging petfood

Product Case: ProGo Petfood Measuring Cup

We customized a measuring cup for ProGo Petfood. We’ve documented the process step by step in a product case, illustrating how the printed measuring cup was brought to life.

Step 1: Product Selection and Label Type

ProGo Petfood was looking for a handy cup of approx. 500ml with printing. The choice ultimately fell on the SC95-520; This cup has a diameter of 95 mm and is therefore very easy to hold with one hand.

Before ProGo Petfood started the design, we discussed various In Mold Labeling (IML) options:

  • Orange peel label: a matte-textured label resembling the surface of an orange peel, with a white background;
  • Glossy label: featuring a smooth, glossy finish over a white base layer;
  • Transparent label: offering a clear surface, ideal for showcasing contents such as pet food.

ProGo Petfood has opted for a transparent label, whereby part of the label remains unprinted. This way customers can always see how much pet food is in the cup!

Step 2. Label design

The design process commenced with a blank template. Following design approval, the label producer conducted testing, leading to the production of the labels once all parties were satisfied.

custom print food packaging template
custom print food packaging designed label

Tip! Use the labels to communicate with your customers! Make the most of the printing surface and think carefully about the design.

Step 3. Planning

As soon as the labels have been ordered, our planners start planning the production of the measuring cup. We produce approximately 450,000,000 cups and lids per year, so you can imagine that – with 50 machines and over 125 different molds – it can quickly become a puzzle! Fortunately, we have more than 50 years of experience and we can rely on our professional planners and production employees! Every day they are extremely motivated to successfully complete the IML orders.

On average, it takes about 6 – 8 weeks to produce an IML order. Because the delivery time depends on several factors, the expected delivery time is always agreed with our customers in advance!

Step 4. Production

After receiving and checking the labels, production can start!

A special robot arm places the IML label in a fixed position in the mould. Subsequently, molten granulate granules (polypropylene) are injected into the mold in a liquid form and then immediately cooled. Because the liquid polypropylene cools down together with the IML label, the two parts together form one whole. The result is a super strong, scratch-resistant, printed measuring cup.

Step 5. Delivery

The printed cups are packed directly from the machine in a food-safe manner. Our employees work in hygienic company clothing with hairnets and gloves. The products are packed in an extra protective layer before they are placed in the cardboard boxes. This ensures that no dust or dirt gets to the cups, so that they can be used immediately!

Custom print food packaging end result

Interested in printed cups and buckets?

Would you like to order custom printed cups or buckets and are you curious about the possibilities? We are happy to advise you and make a tailor-made offer without any obligation!

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