Sample label designs

Design examples of labels and stickers

At Pack-Store, we offer you an affordable and high-quality solution to add value to your product. By opting for the all-in artwork deal, you also benefit from low design fees for the IML label or sticker!

As part of the artwork deal, we have developed 3 design examples for you on this page. If you choose the all-in artwork deal, you can determine which layout best suits your product based on these 3 design examples. We then use this as a starting point for your custom design.

Design example 1 – basic

Design example 1

Standard background (white or 1 color) + logo + payoff + website + QR code

Design example 2 – standard

Design example 2

Custom background layout + logo + payoff + website + QR code + barcode

Design example 3 – extended

Design example 3

Custom background layout + logo + payoff + website and/or additional text + QR code + barcode + ingredients list + symbols

Design costs

When you opt for our artwork deal, the design fees for the IML label or sticker remain the same, whether you choose the basic, standard, or complete package! However, we do expect you to provide all necessary information (complete and with the correct logo files) in one go.

Why we work with template designing

The value of printed food packaging is undeniable. It offers you the opportunity to enhance the appearance of your product professionally. Additionally, through printing, you can communicate with your customers, which is highly valuable! A printed tub and/or lid is more expensive than an unprinted one. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the presentation of your product carefully. Our design examples assist you in this process, ensuring you get the most out of your investment!

Do you have any questions about printed trays and lids? Or about designing labels? Please contact customer service. We’re here to assist you!

Customer service

We are available during office hours via chat, e-mail and telephone

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